Adventures at St.Louis




This week I was lucky enough to venture back to the city of my birth; St.Louis, Missouri. I got to spend a couple of days enjoying what I used to see all of the time. I went with a couple of friends to venture the city. We woke up early on day and started our adventure at the Botanical garden. We walked around and looked at all the different flowers, plants, and trees. It was all so beautiful and neat to see a bunch of different plants that I have never even heard of before. Then we headed to the zoo. In St.Louis the zoo is so big, nice, and Free which is awesome. We saw every animal possible at the zoo it was so great. See the monkeys and zebras was my favorite part. Lastly we were lucky enough to get ticket to the Cardinals baseball game. We got seat so close. We were is section 150 right behind the pitching mound.   I could see the players faces crystal clear well almost. The cards won four to three. The whole day was such a blast. I was so happy to be back where I grew up! So if you ever get the chance to visit St.Louis take it and take some of the adventures I was able to do!





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